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King of Travelers: Jesus

King of Travelers: Jesus

King of Travelers: Jesus' lost years in India by Edward T. Martin

King of Travelers: Jesus' lost years in India

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King of Travelers: Jesus' lost years in India Edward T. Martin ebook
ISBN: 9780981924434
Publisher: Yellow Hat Productions, Inc.
Page: 200
Format: pdf

More likely, to me, is that he did leave Palestine and traveled north to one of the philosophical In 326 BCE, Alexander invaded India. Jesus's uncle was a camel trader that used to travel India to trade. Leading the film's investigation of these years is Edward T. There is also the suggestion in another video (presented below) that Jesus was educated by Buddhist teachers during the lost years, perhaps traveling to India during that time. One of the issues was the son's opposition to changing the church's format and Coleman's insistence that choir members sign a covenant acknowledging Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and the belief that marriage should be between a man and a .. King Ambhi, ruler of Taxila, surrendered his city, a notable center of Buddhist faith, to Alexander. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Sundance Channel has scheduled a Christmas week premiere for Paul Davids' documentary Jesus in India, which examines controversial theories and legends that place a traveling Jesus Christ in India. King visited India at the invitation of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. While traveling the world as a writer, producer and director for National Geographic, Fr. Those called to Catholic priesthood in the Society of Jesus undergo extensive training — from the moment novices enter the Society to when they're ordained — a process that can take anywhere from eight to 12 years. King was traveling constantly now, speaking for "justice" throughout the country. What a blessing if the teenage years could be spent in pursuit of spiritual advancement. Lord Jesus spent 13 years of his life in India, those are the missing years of Jesus and the Bible has no record of the missing years of Jesus. He went to India and Tibet to preach and continue his education. King of Travelers: Jesus' lost years in India. Zipple contributed to documentaries exploring a wide range of topics—from a lost Mayan civilization to the elusive quest for King Solomon's mines.

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